School Board

The School Board is an advisory board to the Parish Priest and Principal.
The School Board is an advisory board to the Parish Priest and Principal. The Board meets twice in 1st and 4th Term and once in 2nd and 3rd Term.
The Board’s functions include:
  • assisting in the formulation of the school policy in conjunction with the parish priest, school staff and parents
  • planning for the future and ensuring that the parish school/s can accommodate future school enrolments
  • assisting in the selection of a principal when such an appointment is being made and in accordance with diocesan guidelines
  • working in collaboration with the Parents & Friends Association (with a representative from the P&FA on the Board)
  • developing school/community relationships and encouraging home/school interaction
  • facilitating the welcoming of parents and children new to the school
  • developing strategies for the local promotion of Catholic education
  • making annual education reports to the community
  • supporting the provision of religious education for children not in Catholic schools
  • supporting (with the parish council) adult education in the faith
  • being accessible to all parish members.

The School Board is made up of the Parish Priest, Co-Ordinating Principal, School Principal, a staff representative and elected parents and parishioners.

About St Paul's

St Paul’s School was opened in 1928 and until 1993, was operated by the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, whose secondary college for girls’, OLSH, is located across Jasper Road. The main school building was designed as a church, with three classrooms on an upper level, and the building retains many of the original church features.