Where all are welcomed, respected and valued in a warm and secure environment.
St. Catherine's School belongs to the parish of St. Catherine Labouré and is a place where Christ is at the centre of community life, where all are welcomed, respected and valued in a warm and secure environment.

The Gospel values of faith, love, truth, compassion, justice, respect and freedom are guiding all those who make up St. Catherine's School community.

On their faith journey, children will reach an understanding of doctrine, traditions and celebrations of the Catholic faith. This development of faith occurs and grows in partnership with family, school and parish.

Pastoral Care is central to developing an atmosphere within the school community where all children are nurtured and encouraged to develop a healthy and positive self-image, fostering responsibility and co-operation.

Teachers' skills and expertise are continually developed, shared and directed in a way that gives maximum benefit to the school community.

The Australian culture, with all its diversity is valued. Our place in the global family is recognised and we contribute to the world in a positive, effective way.

We believe in the provision of excellence in education through a love of learning supported by challenging curriculum which develops the capacities for students to - manage themselves as individuals and in relation to others; understand the world in which they live and act effectively in that world.