Education in Faith Curriculum/Practice

Our Religious Education Program informs children of Gospel values and leads them in the integration of these values in their life experiences. It is an essential part of the formation of the whole person and therefore an integral part of the curriculum The school follows the “To Know Worship and Love” Program which is designated by the Archbishop of Melbourne:

  • Religious Education is seen as an area in the curriculum which brings together many other disciplines and aspects of life, integrating these in a context of faith
  • Religious Education’ is a process which involves reason, skills, knowledge and experience
  • Religious Education is concerned with the development of relationships and fosters a sense of belonging in the life of the Church through relationship with Jesus Christ, and with others
  • The sources of Religious Education are the expressions of God’s revelation in Scripture, Tradition, Liturgy and life
  • Students are given many and varied opportunities to pray formally and informally
  • Students regularly attend whole school as well as class Masses and Liturgies