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The Arrowsmith Program is based on the philosophy that it is possible to address specific learning difficulties by identifying and strengthening weak cognitive capacities. The Arrowsmith Program supports students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Problems , Social Perception Difficulties, Language Disorders and Memory. The Holy Trinity Arrowsmith Program is still taking 'Expressions of Interest' for places in 2019 in the Arrowsmith Centre at St Catherine's Moorabbin for Years 1 - 6.


Strengthening Learning Capacities

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The Arrowsmith Program was founded by Barbara Arrowsmith Young over 30 years ago in Canada and operates in many schools across Canada and the United States. It is now in New Zealand, as well as Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia). Holy Trinity Parish, which consists of the communities of St Peter’s Bentleigh East, St Paul’s Bentleigh & St Catherine’s Moorabbin, is the first to offer the program in Victoria.

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About The Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is founded on neuroscience research and over thirty years of experience demonstrating that it is possible for students to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning difficulties through a program of specific cognitive exercises.

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